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Crossing 10 years, 4 continents, 2 subcontinents and a thousand islands…

This is a haunting and inspiring story about a young, tragic romantic nomad, Daniel Northcott. Daniel moonlights as an existential detective documentary filmmaker throughout his lifetime, investigating the nature of space, time and the universe.  Through his footage he also shares his inspiring theory on our interconnectedness to each other and the universe, as he explores 42 countries over 8 years. Then life takes a shocking turn and he is forced to investigate his own life or death case, at just 28 years old.  This true story uses all real footage, with a much foreshadowed plot twist, that holds Daniel’s life in the balance when he is given 3 to 6 months to live. In a race against time, Daniel hopes to find a reason for his life so abruptly coming to an end. He begins to deeply examine his life, his mind, and the film he has been making.  Suddenly he realizes he has not only been living, but also narrating a story line for his film that has himself, as the lead character, die tragically in the end. Daniel realizes he has always been in love with tragic endings; at which point he asks himself, “If I am living my perfect film, what kind of ending did I expect?”  With little time or strength left, he begins madly trying to unlock his secret mind and write himself a twist-middle, rather than an ending; while surrendering to life, love, faith, and the unknown.

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